Chess set

A modern chess set that is easy to play with, as well as a beautiful interior eye catcher. That was the goal of the design. A nice balance between classical chess sets and contemporary design. Minimalistic, yet not overly abstract. Pieces have to be recognizable in the blink of an eye.

Three colors, two variations

We went through an extensive process of finding the right colors for this chess set. The goal was to develop a chess set for every contemporary interior. With the three colors we offer at the moment, we believe we reached that goal.

Just like the natural grain patterns in a wooden chess set, we also wanted to add an optional variant called terrazzo that makes this set even more unique. Into the white pigmented gypsum, we mix in small flakes of the opposite color. It gives the set a contemporary look that will definitely not go unnoticed. The terrazzo effect is most noticeable in black because of the high contrast, whereas it is more subtle with other colors. Also notice that the pieces always remain fully white.

Moss Green

The perfect grey-green. It took us many months, and we made more than a hundred samples to come to this beautiful color. The color is not too saturated, which makes it Kalm. A subtle hint of green.

Sand Beige

Elegant and soft, with just the right amount of contrast to play easily. Blends perfectly into Scandinavian-style interiors. Both the beige and the whites are warm colors and therefore match beautifully.


Iconic black and white, yin & yang. In nature true black and white is rare, that’s also why we didn’t choose a deep black, rather graphite. Also the white that is the same for all boards, is off white.

The chess set is fully handmade in Belgium. Not two chess sets are the same, which makes every chess set unique.

Gypsum powder is the base material, making up more than 70% of the mass. Combined with a water-based acrylic polymer, it hardens into an astonishing composite that is not only nice to look at, but also lovely to touch.

Because of the slim design, we added fiberglass to both the board and the pieces to make it more durable. Although the set should be handled with care, the set is not too fragile. When the pieces fall off a table, they are not very likely to break.

We add a protective coating on top, to avoid stains from moisture or dirt. We also add felt underneath the board and pieces, which provides a soft feel, prevents scratching, and mutes the sound of playing.

Even though this set has been designed to live in your interior, it also comes in a nice custom storage box. The box has a soft foam insert where each piece can be nestled.



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