Inspired by the dunes. Natural and wavy. Smooth and satisfying. A shape that is new, yet looks familiar.

This tray is an ultimate Kalm product. Calm colors, made out of a single material, both beautiful and functional.

Dune tray

This tray comes in different materials and colors to serve different functional and easthetic purposes.



White oak

Black oak

The warm and cozy feeling of wood. Smooth and soft. Robust, yet light as a feather.


White gypsum

Beige gypsum

Gypsum powder is combined with a water-based acrylic polymer. This hardens into an astonishing composite that is not only nice to look at, but also lovely to touch.

The trays in oak are CNC milled, hand sanded and finished with a quality oil-based coating that preserves the natural look and feel of the wood. The light white oak version is food contact compliant, the black one is not.

Gyspum versions are casted with a water-based eco-resin that contains no harmful chemicals.The UV-resistant pigment is added into the mixture before casting. This will make the color last even after many years of use. The heaviness of the gypsum also gives it a quality feel. Also here, we add a protective coating on top, to avoid stains from moisture or dirt.

All trays are finished with four silicone bumper dots at the bottom. This prevents the trays from scratching the surface underneath it.



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